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Club Awards
Congratulations to the following award winners of the 2020-2021 season

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Helping_Each_Other_Out by Ann_Harden.jpg
Lily by Linda_Watkins.jpg
Fuchsias_in_a_Blue_Vase by Alan_Bentley.

Ann Harden
Photographer of the Year
Advanced Print League
Advanced PDI League

Linda Watkins
Intermediate Print League

Alan Bentley
Intermediate PDI League

Giraffe_Study by Mike_Grigsby.jpg

Mike Grigsby LRPS
Black and White Cup

We're_in_charge by Glyn_Fonteneau.jpg

Glyn Fonteneau ARPS
Print of the Year

Feeding_time by Bridget_Fonteneau.jpg

Bridget Fonteneau LRPS
PDI of the Year
Progress Cup

2 Havana_Capitolio_Reflection by Colin_R

Colin Ridley
5 PDI on a Theme

Covid_Bubble(s) by Jeremy_Saul.jpg

Jeremy Saul
Agfa Trophy
(for services to the club)

Runners Up:

  • Photographer of the Year - Linda Watkins

  • Advanced Print League - Glyn Fonteneau ARPS

  • Advanced PDI League - Norman Wiles LRPS

  • Intermediate Print League - Bridget Fonteneau LRPS

  • Intermediate PDI League - Bridget Fonteneau LRPS